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Brief background information: Joshua Harris wrote two books — one called “I Kissed Dating Goodbye,” which became a huge hit with young Christian singles when it first came out and a follow up, as if to say yes-you-can-now-date-but-under-the-guise-of-courtship, called “Boy Meets Girl” (because in Harris’s world, once a boy meets a girl, marriage ensues) Don’t get me wrong — these books were a great guide for me as an adolescent, boy-crazy and attending youth group to check out guys.

It helped me embrace the value of purity, the value of marriage and the importance of wise relationship choices (although, it did not protect me from making stupid decisions and dating people not right for me).

Among them were two Joshua Harris books about dating and courtship.

As much as I value seeking God first in romantic relationships and biblical dating, I think at some age, you begin to realize that the Joshua Harris style courtship and dating may work for some, but is overall a very bad way to approach relationships, especially if you start reading his books at 13 years old in youth group.

In 1998, he moved to Gaithersburg to serve as a pastoral intern under C. Mahaney, then senior pastor of Covenant Life Church, the founding church of Sovereign Grace Ministries.

The next year Harris hosted the first annual New Attitude Conference in Baltimore, which he ran until assuming the role of senior pastor in 2004.

Here was this young guy, only 21, preaching chastity, virtue and not kissing until you got married.

I believe my Master wants me to turn aside for a time of study and training." Joshua Harris Joshua Harris Joshua Harris, senior pastor of Covenant Life Church (CLC) for the last decade, has had a string of resignations since 2011, when things began to unravel for Sovereign Grace Ministries.

The first one occurred in July 2011 when he resigned from SGM's Board.

The sepia tone seemed romantic, and maybe, when you’re an awkward, depressed teen, that’s all you need to convince you of purity culture: it seems romantic.

I Kissed Dating Goodbye is a 1997 book by Joshua Harris.

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