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Using the pertinent section in the above article I configured, via GPO, the account to have "Log On As A Service" right. What makes you think the SQL Server Engine is part of the issue? As part of the troubleshooting I was doing to try and address the issue I ran Process Monitor while I was trying to start the service.I ensured that right is present in the groups I created. Win32Exception: Access is denied --- End of inner exception stack trace --- at System. I tracked as event that also had a result of "Access Denied" which was the service trying to read files inside the directory where reporting services was installed an running from.Turns out the uninstall of reporting services was enough.If you want to go ahead and put that as an answer @Aaron Bertrand I'll mark it as correct. I'm fairly sure you can add reporting services to a database engine install later so I would think it would work the other way around too.

it's extremely common to want to add something to an instance and need to know whether it will cause an outage or not!

Common causes include: word-breaking errors or timeout, FDHOST permissions/ACL issues, service account missing privileges, malfunctioning IFilters, communication channel issues with FDHost and sqlservr.exe, etc. But I guarantee you that if you have 500 servers many of them currently have this issue.

When a developer or application support person encounters it that's going to take half an hour or an hour of investigation, then logging incidents, then passing it on to you, for another half hour or hour of investigation, and then more time, and more time, and then doing a root cause analysis, and then sharing it with your team, and then…

This installation is similar to SQL Server installation: you select the same options you did for the SQL Server, and then select the reporting service.

Once the service is installed, you’ll configure it.

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) It does however write this to the ERRORLOG: Error: 9954, Severity: 16, State: 1.

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