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In other cases, grease or self-lubricating materials may reduce or even eliminate troublesome low-temperature problems.The low-temperature limit for starting an oil- lubricated machine is often specified by the pour point of the oil.

According to ICAO PANS OPS Chapter 4 "Altimeter Corrections", the pilot-in-command is responsible for the safety of the operation and the safety of the aeroplane and of all persons on board during flight time (Annex 6, 4.5.1).The following is a suggested guide for estimating wind speed if accurate information is not available: Humidity (wetness): Water conducts heat away from the body 25 x faster than dry air.Physical Activity: The production of body heat by physical activity (metabolic rate) is difficult to measure.This dangerous situation was caused by the aircraft altimeter being affected by extremely cold temperatures and causing the aircraft’s true altitude to be lower than the indicated altitude.The errors caused by high and low temperatures in barometric altimeters was well known at this time, but the dangerous implications of cold temperatures and maintaining obstacle clearance, especially when in instrument meteorological conditions, was not fully understood.

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However, tables are available in literature showing metabolic rates for a variety of activities.

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