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The child actress was featured on "The Partridge Family," which ran on ABC from September 1970 to March 1974.The show revolved around a widowed mother and her five children who formed a band.She was often the warm backdrop that set up the zingers flung out by her on-screen brother Danny, played by Danny Bonaduce.She also appeared in commercials as a child but largely stayed out of the limelight as an adult, according to In case you're not so hot at math, that's just over one month of dating, and they got married a year to the day after their first date. Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford (Photo: Ivan Nikolov / WENN.com) : married since April 2012.

The ‘s success contributed to her divorce from actor Jack Cassidy.“The stratospheric success of the show took its toll on my marriage to Jack,” Jones writes.

The series starred Shirley Jones, with her real-life stepson David Cassidy as the resident heartthrob.

Crough as Tracy played the tambourine as a member of the TV family's band.

If it hadn’t been canceled, I would have been happy to carry on playing Shirley Partridge for another four years,” Jones, 79, writes in the book.

“For me and all the rest of the cast, this was the end of an era.”Below, see seven of the biggest revelations from Jones’s days on was a much easier decision.

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