Armory not updating 4 2

We appreciate your patience as it's worth the wait.

Bear in mind that Blizzard can take a few days to update guild data.

Seems to come every time I open the software though and then stays even if I reboot. It doesnt stop without going 2 pixels to some direction. So this is super annoying obviousy and makes the mouse super hard to use while its in this mode.Note: To keep Blizzard from blocking us we have to pause for about 1 second between each character request.We have ways to speed this up slightly, but a large guild can take 5 minutes or more to import.You just hoped that the metals would be able to support you during the day, but you did not get much further then adding upgrades to your newly crafted armor that defends your life.After wandering through the world you found different pieces of a book that made you wonder. You started hammering around on them and found out that you can at least weld them in a way that you can wear them.

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