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Emotional invalidation is when a person’s thoughts and feelings are rejected, ignored, or judged.

Invalidation is emotionally upsetting for anyone, but particularly hurtful for someone who is emotionally sensitive.

A person can state, “You think it’s wrong that you’re angry with your friend,” and not agree with you. But because they want to reassure you they invalidate by saying, “You shouldn’t think that way.” Wanting to Fix Your Feelings: “Come on, don’t be sad. ” People who love you don’t want you to hurt so sometimes they invalidate your thoughts and feelings in their efforts to get you to feel happier.

Invalidation disrupts relationships and creates emotional distance.

When people invalidate themselves, they create alienation from the self and make building their identity very challenging.

API-, Schedule-, or Query Comments-based Invalidation method of cache invalidation is used less often, but provides for significantly more customizability and complex caching use cases than the other two methods.

Using Scale Arc’s cache management APIs, or query hints, you can customize when cache is created, and you can clear or invalidate cache programmatically either for an individual query or for a whole group of queries.

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