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Hannigan met Rice during Fresher’s Week when they were both at Trinity College. The pair played their first gig at Whelan’s, throughout which she stood petrified, three feet from the mic, her head down and thumbs through the hooks of her skirt.She inched her way closer to the mic over the years and, for a time, the pair enjoyed the success of Rice’s debut album O.

Moe is portrayed as often irritable and rude to all except his bar friends Homer, Lenny, Carl, and Barney. “It was slightly brutal, but absolutely for the best,” she told Róisín Ingle, presenter of the Róisín Meets podcast. ” laughs Lisa Hannigan, describing the end of her working relationship with Damien Rice.It’s quick and easy to register, but after the deadline of 17 April, it will be too late." To register to vote, visit She’s the breakout star of the series, now in its second season, and already has a SAG Award.

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There’s no rock singer in ‘The Last Ship.’ But I certainly think that Sting is inspired by his youth and he’s working through a lot of emotions that all of us are working with as we get older,” said Seller.

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