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Now far better known as Brittany, Armorica was the Latinised form of a Celtic word or name - Aremorio.The Romans had already coined the name 'Gaul' to describe the Celtic tribes of what is now central, northern and eastern France.She was aiming for a revenge body aimed at her ex Conrad who left when she was five months pregnant.Khloe set up Brittany for her 12-week challenge with celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson and celebrity nutritionist Dr. Khloe in the episode titled The Lost Voice & Half-Baked also set up Ranella Ferrer who was hoping to make her mother Gloria proud after gaining weight when her music career stalled.After counting down, the foursome all popped their balloons in unison causing blue confetti to rain down on them.Obviously very excited, Brittany and the girls jumped up and down screaming.

The 33-year-old reality star booted the single mother from her E! Brittany opened up to Khloe about becoming a single mother at age 16 and never regaining her high school form and spunk.

In the kick-off season of Rhythm Abroad, Brittany traverses the globe from the South Pacific …

Jason Aldean and Brittany Kerr have made it official.

He already has two girls from his previous marriage, but now this country star will not be so outnumbered in his household.

Jason Aldean and wife Brittany found out they were having a boy alongside friends and family.

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