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Autumn Leaves (1999) Neighborhoods, career paths, courtship customs-- Janet has grown old enough to know that everything changes but the changing seasons and her childlike heart.Comedy; 1 mature woman, 1 young woman, 1 young man, 10 minutes. Beyond Measure (1998) Revenge is a dish best enjoyed cold, and Grace has been cooking up hers ever since her husband dumped her for Paulette, a younger lighter Second Mrs. 1 mature woman, and 1 woman between 10 and 20 years younger than the first. Cast Spell (1985) The closing night cast party of a failed musical turns dangerous when the actors begin to dabble in the occult. Science fiction comedy; 3 men, 3 women, 40 minutes.The unleashed power of the atom has changed everything save our modes of thinking and we thus drift toward unparalleled catastrophe.Albert Einstein, Telegram () sent to prominent Americans. In Robert Andrews Famous Lines: a Columbia Dictionary of Familiar Quotations (1997), 340.50-60 minutes one act play Theatre script for young people, colleges, community and professional theatres Inspired by the Raven and the Black Cat, but an original gothic play script.Age group: young people aged 15-26 years 30 minute comedy play about speed dating. This symbol in the text below means you can listen to this script. Then select the name of the play from the list on the left.Move your mouse over the list to scroll up or down, then click to play the selection.

However, Pamela's latest romantic coupling threatens to veer off the track. All For Love (2001) As a practical romantic, Aunt Maxie knows just what her old friend Bertha needs, so what can her niece Barb do but help?I am a student of Dobson High School, and I am requesting to use your one-act play "Help Wanted" for a project my Drama Teacher has assigned me. For an in-class presentation, this is all the permission you need.As you stated on the website, I must have an okay from you to use your script. If it's public and tickets are sold there are formalities: simple, can be done via email-- but another step.Variations exist due to different translations from the original German.Gandhi's views were the most enlightened of all the political men in our time. not to use violence in fighting for our cause, but by non-participation in what we believe is evil.

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