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Yet Leah was eclipsed by her younger sister, Rachel, who was "lovely in form and beautiful." Unfortunately, Leah's future husband, Jacob, had eyes only for Rachel. At this point in the story, most people sympathize with left-out Rachel. Meanwhile Leah was yoked to a man who didn't choose her, love her, or want her. For all the hurting Leahs among us—those of us who are ignored by the men in our life, who feel unloved by a father, boyfriend, husband, or son—here's a word of hope: You are indeed loved, and your suffering hasn't gone unnoticed. In her book Running on Empty, Jill Briscoe admits, "The hardest thing to believe when you are suffering rejection is that anyone is noticing you at all." Yet God noticed Leah. And he took away her pain as only he could: "He opened her womb, but Rachel was barren" (Genesis ). A few years later, God opened Rachel's womb as well.He worked for his uncle seven years in return for Rachel's hand in marriage, yet when the wedding night came, Jacob was so blinded by love he didn't notice the bride sharing his bed wasn't Rachel. But first the Lord showed Leah she had value in her society and was indeed loved—if not by her father or by Jacob, then surely by her heavenly Father.She is the daughter of Harry Clearwater and Sue Clearwater.She is Seth Clearwater's older sister, and Sam Uley's ex-girlfriend.I hope that these cards are an encouragement to you in your journey from Control Girl to Jesus Girl.

This is what she has to teach Rachel, her sister, and us, her descendants, as well." (Midrash Tanchuma – Toldot 9) It's not easy being a matriarch!Of the four, Leah seems to be the only one who "got away" with no fertility problems.When God blessed her womb a fourth time, something happened inside Leah's heart.Three times she'd turned to a weak man for love. "When she gave birth to a son she said, ' This time I will praise the Lord'" (Genesis ).

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Leah gave birth to three sons in a row, her hopes pinned on winning Jacob's love: "Now at last my husband will become attached to me" (Genesis ).

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